Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weeks 14-17

Week 14
11/16: Discuss plagiarism, documentation of sources, final project
HW: Read Patterns 597-610, p. 610-611 Patterns, Purpose and Audience 1-4, Style and Structure 1-7

11/17: LAB: Continue research

11/18: Continue argument; argument activity

11/20: Plagiarism quiz, continue argumentation and research
HW: Read Patterns 613-620, create a working Works Cited page for your research/arg. essay. You must have THREE entries in MLA format

Journal Assignment: p. 611 Patterns, Vocabulary project

Week 15
11/23: Continue Research and Argumentation

11/24: LAB: Evaluating sources: find one journal article, one book, and one internet article on your research topic. Create a Works Cited for each of these in MLA format. You may substitute the internet article, book or journal article for a newspaper article.
HW: Read Patterns 763-784; begin drafting R/A essay

11/25: NO CLASS
HW: Continue drafting R/A essay—you need at least introduction, thesis, and four full body paragraphs for 11/30

11/27: NO CLASS
Journal Assignment: p. Write one page discussing your role in the desired outcomes of your group project. What will you personally do to achieve these goals? What obstacle/s to these goals do you anticipate confronting and overcoming?

Week 16
11/30: Workshop, continue research and argumentation, begin presentations
HW: Read Patterns 623-632, Writing Workshop 1, 2, or 3 p. 633-634

12/1: LAB: In MLA format, write an example of a paraphrase, a summary, and a direct quote from a journal article, a newspaper article, and an internet article, in no particular order. Cut and paste the original source material onto the document you turn in. These sources do not necessarily have to be related to your research topic. Make sure you introduce each entry with a signal phrase and follow each quote/summary with an in-text citation.
HW: Continue drafting R/A essay—You need at least three pages for 12/2.

12/2: Workshop

12/4: Quiz on readings, discuss readings, presentations
HW: 18,
Journal Assignment: Write one page on how your writing has changed throughout the semester. Do you still need to improve in some areas? What is one thing you do well when it comes to writing?

Week 17
12/7: Workshop, final project presentations
HW: Read Patterns 635-647

12/8: LAB: TBA

12/9: Research argumentation essay due; Journals Due; final project presentations; review for final

1211: No Class
Final Exam: Monday, December 14, 6-7:50 a.m.

*All scheduled tasks are subject to change