Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weeks 5-9

Week 5:
9/14: Begin exemplification
HW: Complete “Reading Images 1-3 p. 219; choose topic for exemplification essay

9/15: LAB: Prewriting for exemplification: List as many possible supporting examples to your topic as you can come up with (at least one page double spaced).

9/16: Continue discussing exemplification
HW: Read Patterns 220-225; Create outline of exemplification

9/18: Quiz on readings, discuss readings, workshop

Journal Assignment: p. 424 Patterns “Journal Entry”

Week 6:
9/21: Continue exemplification
HW: Read Patterns 227-229; complete Writing Workshop 1,2, or 3

9/22: LAB: Draft exemplification

9/23: Workshop
HW: Read Patterns 231-237
Revise exemplification essay

9/25: Quiz, discuss readings

Journal Assignment: p. 226 Patterns, “Journal Entry”

Week 7
9/28: Workshop
HW: Read Patterns 240-243, complete Writing Workshop 3

9/29: LAB: Proofread and edit exemplification essay

9/30: Discussion
HW: Read Patterns 252-259
10/1: Quiz, discussion

Journal Assignment: p 250 Patterns “Journal Entry”

Week 8
10/4: Workshop exemplification
HW: Read Patterns 327-343

10/5: LAB: Final edit of exemplification
Read Patterns 346-348, complete Writing Workshop 1

10/6: Exemplification essay due, begin cause and effect
HW: Choose a topic for cause and effect and do a clustering prewriting activity
Read Patterns 351-359

10/8: Quiz, discussion
HW: Create outline of cause and effect

Journal Assignment: p. 264 Patterns “Journal Entry”

Week 9
10/11: Exemplification Essay Due, Mid Term Exam
HW: Read Patterns 361-364, complete Writing Workshop 1, 2, or 3

10/12: Lab: Draft Cause and Effect; bring at least three body paragraphs to workshop 10/13

10/13: Journals Due; workshop
HW: Read Patterns 366-368

10/14: Quiz, discussion
No Journal Assignment